Change Accelerator Overview

What is Change Accelerator?

Change Accelerator is a change management methodology and toolkit for change practitioners and anyone responsible for facilitating change within their organization. It is available as an Individual or Enterprise License and as part of our Change Management Training program.

Build internal change management capability

Accelerate adoption of strategic initiatives

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Change Accelerator Content

A Proven Change Methodology

Change Accelerator is built on Emergent’s six-phase Accelerating Change & Transformation (ACT) model, which has been honed through use at many Fortune 500 and mid-market companies.

Plan the Change is about identifying the purpose, scope, and outcomes of the change initiative. The focus is on determining a process that will be used to plan and drive the change effort forward. It’s also here that you will assemble a change team and establish the rules by which that team will operate.

Create Urgency involves making it clear that the need to change is now and not tomorrow. The focus is on creating a compelling “story” and building a vision of the future that helps generate excitement and true commitment. It’s here you seek to establish a broad desire for change strong enough to overwhelm the collective resistance.

Lead the Change is about ensuring the business sponsors actively engage in the change effort on an on-going basis. The focus is on equipping team members to be change leaders and advocates who can influence others. It’s here that you will align leaders with the “what,” “why,” and “how” of the change initiative.

Engage the People involves informing all stakeholders and engaging priority stakeholders in the initiative. The focus is on reaching diverse stakeholder audiences through multiple communication channels and events. It’s here that you will ensure stakeholders have the resources and willingness to successfully change.

Align Systems entails establishing reward and incentive systems that promote desired behaviors and actions. The focus is on making sure that management practices are aligned to reinforce the changes. It’s here that you will adjust the necessary organizational elements to deliver sustainable results.

Sustain the Change is about maintaining a cadence of communications and stakeholder engagement activities. The focus is on highlighting the benefits of the changes and attainment of milestones in highly visible ways. It’s here that you will harness the lessons and best practices from this initiative so that they can be applied to future change efforts.

60+ Downloadable Tools


The Accelerating Change & Transformation (ACT) model is supported by 60+ downloadable change management tools. The tools include assessments, templates, models, and checklists in Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word formats. They can be downloaded, edited, and customized to fit your organization’s unique needs. Each tool comes with an instruction document that provides tips and best practices for facilitating its use. That’s more than 120 resources at your fingertips!

Summary of Change Management Tools

Implementation Checklists


Implementation Checklists provide a guide for what change activities to focus on and which tools to use.

Each phase of the Accelerating Change & Transformation (ACT)TM model has a corresponding Implementation Checklist. Each checklist provides a summary of the activities needed to support the phase, along with the recommended tools needed to support the activity. Additionally, check boxes enable you to keep track of which activities that have completed for each phase.

From inside the Implementation Checklist, you can also update and save the Progress and Status for each phase. These updates drive the status on your Dashboard.

How to Get Started

Whether you are a project manager, HR professional, or IT business partner, Change Accelerator will help you implement your project on time and on budget. Instantly purchase a Change Accelerator individual license. Or, get Change Accelerator as part of a Change Management Training program for your organization.

Project Dashboard

Change Accelerator Dashboard

The Project Dashboard enables you to easily track and report the progress of your various change initiatives.

Change Accelerator’s Dashboard provides a visual snapshot of each project’s Progress and Health (i.e., effectiveness). The ability to show progress and health of your change efforts is an important aspect of effective project management.

The Project Dashboard report is designed to be easily shared with your project team and sponsors, providing them with an update on your change management effort.

This Dashboard can be updated at any time from the Activity Checklists and Phase Health Checks.

You can add or remove projects from your dashboard using the My Projects feature of Change Accelerator.

My Projects

My Projects enables you to manage your portfolio of change management projects. It provides a summary of your project(s) and allows you to add, edit, and delete projects.

Change Accelerator Dashboard

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Summary of Change Management Tools

Sample Change Accelerator tools by visiting the Individual Tool Store.


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Benefits of Change Accelerator

Manage Change Effectively

Chances are you have some of your own tools to help your organization through a transition. While your own resources may have taken you far, Change Accelerator will take your organization even further whether you’re part of a small group of five or a multi-national organization of thousands than with an expansive organizational change approach that has been proven to work.

Get Buy-In from Every Corner

Get Buy-In from Every Corner

When there are many stakeholders affected by a company initiative, gaining buy-in becomes a critical issue—especially during stressful times.

Change Accelerator will help gain buy-in from every corner of your organization. With any change your organization is facing, Change Accelerator will walk you through the Accelerating Change & Transformation (ACT)TM model, which starts by Plan the Change and ends with Sustain the Change. With this mastered, you will gain the stakeholder buy-in necessary for successful delivery of your strategic initiative and organizational transition.

The goal? Get stakeholders excited about the change and minimize end-user resistance. To overcome time-wasting obstacles, work with your teams to adopt a new way of doing business quickly.

Empower Your People to Excel

Setting employee expectations with a clear vision and maintaining morale during an organizational transition are the most important aspects of leading change. During these turbulent times, many individuals within your organization don’t know what to expect or what lies ahead. Without this vision, they lose their confidence in where the organization is headed. This can result in low morale among employees and major dips in productivity.

Many of the tools within Change Accelerator focus on employee engagement and empowering your people to excel during the ambiguity of organizational transitions. Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Articulate the need to change now
  • Paint a picture of your vision for the future
  • Help executive sponsors and teams lead change
  • Prepare for reactions, both positive and negative
  • Engage employees as active participants in the change effort
  • Equip managers with knowledge and skills to make a positive impact during the change process

Developed by Change Experts

Change Accelerator was developed by Emergent, who have worked with Fortune 500, mid-market companies, and global management consulting firms. After working with virtually every change-related situation, they have incredible insight into what works and what doesn’t when managing organizational change.

If your organization is currently undergoing or about to kick off any of the following initiatives, then consider Change Accelerator as the next step toward efficient and effective change management.

  • Technology deployments (e.g., ERP, SAP, CRM, etc)
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Merger-acquisitions
  • Process re-engineering
  • New operating models
  • Offshoring / outsourcing
  • New capability rollouts
  • Business transformations of any kind

Expert Knowledge in a Convenient Format

Certainly you have found books, websites, and free templates that aim to help you with managing organizational change. While we can’t assess the efficacy of these many disparate resources, we can say for certain that you’ll find no other toolkit as comprehensive and cohesive as Change Accelerator. Choose Change Accelerator’s organizational change tools to work through your organization’s business transformation.

Trusted Tools & Methods

Fortune 500 Clients

Used by numerous Fortune 500 and mid-market companies. For example:

  • Fortune 100 Retailer – Transformation of the IT division to better align with business needs
  • Global Financial Services Company – Process re-engineering effort
  • Fortune 50 Healthcare Company – Transformation of store operations and acquisition of competitor
  • US Airline – Deployment of a new passenger service system; deployment of new unified communications tools
  • US Auto Manufacturer – Transition of IT division to an outsourced, shared services organization
  • Fortune 100 Drugstore – Transition to an outsourced Accounting shared services organization
  • Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider – Return to profitability cost transformation program
  • US Department of Defense – Rollout of ERP system to all military service branches
  • Fortune 500 Building Company – Talent acquisition process improvement effort
  • Tier 1 Auto Supplier – Restructuring of IT division to an outsourced operating model
  • Fortune 500 Bank – Implementation of new “customer experience” strategy

Save Time & Resources

Ready-Made Toolkit

Ready-to-Use Change Management Tools

Our Accelerating Change & Transformation (ACT)TM model, 60+ downloadable tools and instructions, implementation checklists, and dashboard are ready to use now! The time it takes to research and develop these tools and techniques would require thousands of man-hours. We know, because we’ve done it!

With an individual license, you can begin using Change Accelerator in the matter of minutes. If your organization would like to build or strengthen its own internal change capability, we offer the Change Accelerator–Enterprise License.

Online Access Any Time

Once you purchase an individual license you will have password-protected access to the online portal, which you can use any time of day or night from any internet connection. There is no limit to the number of times you can log on to access the ACTTM model or the tools.

This allows you to access Change Accelerator throughout your change effort and when you need it most. Additionally, you will never need to re-create documents for new change efforts since our tools are made to be used again and again.

Get the Entire Organization on Board…Now!

With the Change Accelerator toolkit at your disposal, you can immediately jump start your change management effort. Don’t delay the process by cobbling together in-house tools. Instead, sit down with Change Accelerator and begin implementing your change strategy today.

The tools will increase the speed of stakeholder adoption. Change Accelerator aims to create a united front across your organization to speed up the change process and limit frustrating obstacles.

Who Uses Change Accelerator

Change Accelerator is ideal for internal change practitioners, project teams, and HR professionals. If you have one of the following professional titles or are responsible for change management, then consider Change Accelerator for your organization.

  • Human Resources (HR) Professionals
  • Change Management Professionals
  • Project Team Leaders
  • IT Business Partners
  • Organizational Development (OD) Professionals
  • Training/Learning & Development Professionals
  • Corporate Communications Professionals

Purchase Access Today

Individual and Enterprise Licenses and Training

Purchase Change Accelerator License

Silver License - 6 MonthsSilver License - 12 MonthsGold License - 6 MonthsGold License - 12 MonthsUnlimited Enterprise LicenseACT modelExpert on Call

Change Management Training Program

We offer Change Accelerator as part of our comprehensive Accelerating Change & Transformation (ACT) Training program. This is a great way to get access to Change Accelerator while building internal change capability broadly within your organization.

Group Discounts

Group discounts are available on purchases of three or more licenses. Contact us to request a custom price quote.

Individual Tools

If you would like to purchase individual Change Accelerator tools, click here.

Enterprise Edition

Support all of your organization’s change management needs, now and in the future!

The Change Accelerator–Enterprise License is for organizations that wish to build or strengthen their internal change capability (read our white paper on this topic). This solution enables an organization to purchase Change Accelerator once, own it forever, and customize the content and tools.

All of the Change Accelerator features:

  • 60+ change management tools in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel mapped to the Accelerating Change & Transformation (ACT)TM model
  • Activity checklists to guide your change activities
  • Health checks to gauge the effectiveness of change activities
  • Instructions and facilitation tips for using each tool
  • Ability to edit and customize tools to your unique needs
  • Dashboard for monitoring the progress of your change effort


PLUS, these additional Enterprise benefits:

Own the solution forever with no recurring fees


Use it internally without restriction


Add your own content and tools


Create multiple versions of the toolkit if you’d like


Threaded discussions where users can exchange change management ideas and insights


Increase effectiveness of your organizational change efforts



Change the name, logo, look and feel to match your organization’s branding


Customize content and tools that come with Change Accelerator


Provide access to an unlimited # of users through accounts that you administer


Provide a consistent change management approach across departments and teams


Accelerate adoption of your organization’s strategic business initiatives


Enterprise Edition – Implementation Process

Emergent’s technical team will assist with installation of Change Accelerator on your organization’s network, help with initial configuration/customization, and train your designated toolkit administrator(s). Implementation can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the level of support that your organization is able to provide and the complexity of your environment.

Clients can incorporate Change Accelerator onto their network in any number of ways. Here are a few common examples:

  • As a sub-domain:
  • As a sub-directory:
  • Create a link from your existing employee portal

Enterprise Edition – Technical Requirements

To run Change Accelerator within your organization, the web server/host needs PHP version 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL version 5.0 or greater

We recommend Apache or Nginx as the most robust server for running Change Accelerator, but typically any server that supports PHP and MySQL will do.

Change Accelerator is built upon an open source platform that is very reliable and easy to maintain.


Pricing is based on the number of potential users as well as the overall size of your organization. Pricing includes implementation support and a period of technical support. Contact us to request a price quote.

More Information

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